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Introducing Modular Underscore
In-depth Q&A about the new modular interface in Underscore 1.11.
Tutorial in functional programming, algorithm analysis and design constraints
Stack Overflow answer that went a bit out of hand.

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Bringing the one true functional programming library for JavaScript to the next level (#2826, #2849, ongoing).
Innovative RDF-based web application where you can annotate and search reading experiences (ongoing).
Machina’s Fsm dressed as a fourth Backbone pillar next to Model, View and Router.
Lightweight composite views for Backbone.
Wrapper for Browserify in Gulp environments that lets you watch a dynamic set of files based on a glob pattern.
Lightweight Promise polyfill for those who already include jQuery on their page.
Handlebars helper that lets you translate with i18next inside your templates.
Comprehensive web application template with Django backend, Backbone frontend, functional test suite and tooling.
Portal with interactive map visualization to facilitate research on grammatical changes in Italian languages after contact with other languages.
Coloring Book
Coloring-based survey system in order to gauge language understanding in test subjects.
Keeps your Python dependencies fresh.
Academic theorem prover based on proof nets with a focus on Lambek-Grishin calculus, written in Haskell.
Natural Information
Master’s thesis on the foundations of information as a concept in the Natural Sciences and Artificial Intelligence.
The Red Spider Project
Multilingual (as in, multiple programming language) xkcd-themed collaborative open source development playground.
Rich-Typed Pointers
An experimental smart pointer library for C++ that avoids runtime overhead by relying on the type system.
Many-to-many tagging for the macOS Finder.

About top

I currently work as a scientific programmer for the Digital Humanities Lab at Utrecht University. I love to contribute to the open source community. I have a background in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, Biology, Linguistics and Computer Science. In 2004, I participated in the International Biology Olympiad, Australia, as a member of the Dutch team. I like to play go in my free time.